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Many people are choosing to be energy autonomous by embracing solar energy. It is affordable, environmentally friendly and does not require monthly payments. Although solar energy is reliable and convenient, you can be disappointed if your systems break down. A faulty solar system could mean staying in the dark for several days or having your energy bills spike as you use alternative sources. Our mission at Sierra Roofing and Solar is to ensure our clients have access to reliable, affordable, and timely solar panel repairs. Whether you want your faulty panel or battery repaired, we are here to help. Moreover, if you want to upgrade your system or are a new homeowner who wants solar systems installed, we are all you need.

As a solar services provider, we have invested in recruiting and training highly talented technicians to ensure we can solve your solar repairs and maintenance issues. Our team comprises professionals who have been working in the solar industry for many years and have the skills and experience in handling different solar systems.

Why You Need Solar Repair Services

You might need solar repairs if your system has:

  • Damaged inverters: Inverters come in handy when using solar energy because they help change the solar energy from DC to AC. AC energy is the one responsible for running most of the home and utility electronics. If the inverter is damaged, it means that you cannot continue enjoying uninterrupted energy on your premises. This is why you need our services to ensure your inverter is fixed and you continue enjoying your solar system's services.
  • Wiring issues: In a bid to cut set up costs, some people use unqualified contractors or prefer the DIY option when installing their solar systems. Although this could be cheaper and attractive, it could lead to some issues if the wiring is not done correctly. This will mean that you cannot access power. Our technicians are highly trained and will audit your wiring and fix it immediately.
  • Broken panels: When your panel is broken, it cannot absorb solar energy hence will not recharge your batteries. If you have been repairing the panel often or is damaged beyond repair, you will need to replace it. Get in touch with our team and book a reservation for your panel to be diagnosed by our experts.
  • Faulty installation: Flaws in installation can significantly affect the usage of your solar system. For a solar panel to charge the batteries fully, it needs a positioning that ensures maximum exposure to the sun. Faulty installation could also mean wrong wiring and improper installation of the inverter. If you think you have a defective installation in your home, contact us, and we will dispatch experts to reinstall your solar system correctly.

Why Choose Us

Here is why you can count on us for all your solar repair:

  • Highly professional: We are a top service provider company, and you can rely on us to fix your broken solar panel system. We serve customers who require reliable and cost-effective solar repair.
  • Experienced technicians: Our team comprises highly trained technicians who have many years of professional experience dealing with solar panel systems. As a result, we can guarantee you that no solar repairs project is too big for us.
  • 24/7 solar repair services: We acknowledge that customers who need solar panel repairs might want our services at any time of the day, including emergency services. This makes our 24/7 services delivery ideal because it ensures our customers never have to stay in the dark when their solar systems break down.

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