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The roof is an integral part of your property. It is exposed to harsh weather conditions and therefore prone to damages. Roof inspections are meant to determine the roof's state, how much longer it can endure, and the need to replace the roof.

For residential and commercial property owners, constantly monitoring your roof status is very important. When roof problems are detected early, you can repair them before they become more serious. A well-maintained roof will offer protection for the structure and occupants over more extended periods.

Roof inspections are a necessity for property owners. There are many factors that can affect your roof, and if you are not careful, you would be dealing with severe damages that require roof replacement. Owners are tempted to inspect on their own. However, some problems on the roof require an expert eye to spot them. In many cases, problems become evident to the owners when they are visible, and damage is already done.

Why Roof Inspections Are Necessary

Roof problems can be external or internal and they can include: 

External roof problems

  • Exposed and loose nails.
  • Missing or loose tiles
  • Water stagnation on the roof
  • Split or curled shingles
  • Granules, blocked or overflowing gutters
  • Rusty metals or depression near plumbing vents

Internal roof problems

  • Leaking
  • Damp areas on the ceiling or walls
  • Visible light openings through the roof
  • Sagging ceiling

What to Expect From a Roof Inspection

During the roof inspection process, our team of experts will be looking for leaks, any damage caused on the roof, wear and tear, shingle installation or repairing problems, and organic growth, which cause dark spots.

Inspection starts from the inside of your property to try and spot any damage visible from the inside. Leakage can lead to damp spots, brown stains, mold, or rotting. Therefore, we will inspect your ceiling, internal walls, and attic for any signs of roof leakage.

From the outside, the condition of the structure and material used on the roofing can be easily determined. It is possible to detect any installation defect on the roofing that can lead to significant problems if left unrepaired.

Our experts will inspect the roof planes to see if they are even or any sign of sagging. The structural inspection involves checking the condition of the soffit, gutter system, and fascia. Any cracks on the chimney or issues on the vent can cause problems that deteriorate the roof condition.

Missing, curly, or loose shingles are another concern on roof condition. An increase in shingle aggregate indicates a poor state of the roof and demand for replacement. We will inspect the seals and rubber boot condition to ensure the vent pipes are intact.

Our inspector ensures that incorrect flashing around the roof penetration is not left unattended. Flashing issues are potential risks to leakage and total roof damage that threaten the lifespan of the roof.

After the inspection, our roof inspectors will provide a well-analyzed report containing the detected problems or any repair suggestion to maintain your roof.

Cost, Timing, and Selecting Best Roof Inspection Experts

Standards rates are applied by roofers during roof inspections, although they may differ depending on the situation. Replacing your roof or the cost of investing in a new home when severe damage is done on your property is high and cannot compare to the cost of roof inspection.

Roof inspections are ideal once a year if your roof has not been exposed to harsh weather that could damage it. However, weather changes such as snow, storms, or heavy winds may raise the need for a roof inspection.

Repair and proper maintenance of your roof is a priority, and you should not wait until you pay the unnecessary cost. Secure best roof inspections services so that your roof integrity is examined from time to time.

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