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The last thing you want to do on a nice, sunny weekend is clean out your gutters. It’s dirty, messy, and downright not fun. Most homeowners and business owners will put this chore off until it’s too late, or try to clean the gutters themselves and miss debris. Those who try to perform this themselves should at least use a ladder and gloves, but take caution as over 50,000 people suffer from ladder-related injuries every year. At Sierra Roofing and Solar, our team specializes in gutter cleaning and can ensure that the job gets done right. 

Your gutters protect your home from water damage and control falling debris from rolling off of your roof and hitting everything below, including plants and people. If your gutters are not taken care of, they can pose a multitude of issues as a home or business owner.

The biggest and most direct result of not cleaning your gutters is overflowing water spills. Water cannot drain properly in a clogged gutter. The water inevitably will spill over onto the ground below. This can cause issues such as:

  • Flooding in flower beds
  • Water seepage into your foundation, windows, and basement
  • Water falling over doorways
  • Hole formation in your yard due to constant erosion by a water spillover

Uncontrolled water can wreak havoc on your property. If left untreated, your home or business could face water issues damaging the outside including window seams, foundations, and other features that could wear out from uncontrolled water. Pooling water in the gutters can even damage the roof, cracking shingles and leaking inside. The damages that could happen are almost always more expensive to fix than simply cleaning your gutters.

Clogged gutters can also mean problems with bugs and pathogens as well. Standing water in the gutters creates a favorable environment for many organisms to harbor and grow. These pests include:

  • Ants
  • Worms
  • Bacteria
  • Mold

Certainly, no one would want to deal with the many problems that can arise from this. Beyond small pests, larger animals like birds and mice can also be attracted to the pooling moisture in your gutters. Even decomposed organic matter can allow for growth of plants or fungi in the gutters themselves. Properly maintaining gutters will prevent harboring of these nuisances. By contacting our team, you can rest assured that your gutters will be clean and free of unwanted debris and guests.

A gutter system could even break and fall if excessive water fills up, especially old gutters. The weight of the debris, along with the added weight of the excess water, could mean the gutters bend and break. That may even give those mice and bugs a path into your house if the gutters bend enough of your siding away. If there’s anything worse than cleaning gutters, it’s replacing them too. Therefore, it is always best to consider preventive maintenance, such as our gutter cleaning services.

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