Everything You Need To Know About Solar

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These days, more and more residential and commercial property owners are switching over to solar energy.

Are you trying to decide if solar is the right option for your property? Read on to learn everything you need to know about solar energy.

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What is Solar?

Energy from the sun that is capable of being captured and used is known as solar power. Photovoltaic solar panels are the most common way to capture solar energy, converting the rays from the sun into electricity that can be used in place of typical power.

Residential properties tend to use residential-scale solar that is commonly installed on the roof of the home or on the property’s open land by a solar contractor. Keep in mind that solar contractors are not roofers and are not typically experienced in roofing, so they can actually disrupt your roof warranty.

What are the Benefits of Solar Energy?

There are a number of reasons why homeowners are switching over to solar power in droves. For the majority of homeowners, the main reasons are both cost-related and environmental.

If you’re debating whether or not converting to solar is the right move for you, consider these benefits:

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Improvement of property value

Homes that have solar equipment installed tend to have a higher value than those that don’t. This is because more people are learning about solar energy which has caused the demand for properties with solar capabilities to soar.

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Reduction or elimination of energy costs

With solar panels, you have the ability to generate power for free, virtually eliminating the cost of electricity. Homes that aren’t fully on solar will still use less electricity and reduce their energy costs.

Instead of having to pay your electric company every month, you’ll essentially pay yourself with your reduced or eliminated costs.


Environmental protection

With solar power, you are able to reduce your carbon footprint, greatly helping the environment. On average, a residential solar panel reduces carbon emissions by three to four tons annually!


What is the Cost of Having Solar Energy Installed?

Solar panel installation can save money for the vast majority of homeowners in California, with the initial cost providing a high return on investment, about 20% on average. While most homeowners look forward to future savings, the initial investment needs to also be taken into consideration.

To calculate the cost of solar panel installation, look at the price of dollars per watt. The cost per watt can tell you the anticipated cost of having solar installed, based on how much electricity you want to generate. The more electricity you want to generate, the bigger system you will need, which means your installation will require more equipment and more work.

Expect for your price per watt to cost about $2.75 to $3.50 and your overall solar panel installation to cost $12,000 to $17,000 on average after solar tax credits.


How Do I Find a Solar Contractor?

Choosing the right solar contractor is essential to ensure a properly installed solar energy system. There are many things to look for in a solar contractor that can help you find the right company for your installation.

Make sure that your contractor is properly licensed and insured, and they have years of experience installing solar. Hiring a solar contractor who is also a roofing contractor can be a wise decision. Roofers are more inclined to use best practices in terms of waterproofing your roof, so that it remains leak free for the life of your solar system. You will also want to make sure that they have a positive reputation in your community with numerous positive reviews and recommendations.

Sierra Roofing and Solar has a team of expert solar contractors who know how to properly install solar panels and will provide top-notch service. We provide custom consultations and designs for homeowners, ensuring that your installation will be done perfectly for your unique home.

Our team doesn’t ever use cookie cutter templates. Instead, we provide custom service to make sure you receive a high-quality solar installation.

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