Roof Damage From Weather

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Roof Damage From Weather

Having a high quality roof is extremely important, as it provides safety and security for your home. The good news is that the Bay Area does not have to worry about hurricanes and tornadoes like other parts of the country; however, the Bay Area is certainly not immune to heavy rains, high winds, and even hail. Inclement weather can be damaging to roofs, which is why it is important to have regular roof inspections and ensure that your roof is in good shape in order to handle inclement weather. Unfortunately, with time comes wear and tear, so roof damage is certainly a possibility – especially in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, this type of weather can lead to falling debris, which can also be damaging to your roof. 

If you are in need of a roof inspection, repair, or replacement in Dublin, CA, then you have come to the right place. Our expert roofing specialists in Dublin are here to help ensure that your roof can withstand such weather conditions. Feel free to contact our team to learn more about how we can help!

Keep Your Roof in Good Condition By Calling Sierra Roofing and Solar

Some roof repairs are inevitable throughout the lifetime of your roof. Keeping an eye on your roof and contacting our team at the first sign of damage is imperative, as it can keep the costs down and prevent larger issues from developing. This is why we strongly recommend that homeowners know and understand what to look out for, especially after heavy rain, high winds, and hail. The sooner you notice a problem and the sooner you reach out for help, the better. 

Here are some things to look out for after heavy rain, high winds, and/or hail.

  • Keep an eye out for any roof damage or missing shingles that are visible from the ground.
  • Check inside of your home for any leaks on the ceiling or water spots on the walls. A good rule of thumb is to first check the attic, as that’s where most leaks appear at first. 

Do not risk going up on the roof yourself. Instead, hire a team of professionals, such as Sierra Roofing and Solar that can adequately and safely check for any damage on the roof.

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