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The roof is one of the biggest investments homeowners and commercial property owners can make. When done right, it can also have the biggest return on your investment. By installing a high quality roof, you can be sure to enjoy its durability. A faulty roof is likely to leak elements like water, snow, and dust into a home or building. Sometimes a terrible storm or high winds may destroy a good roof and although such an occurrence is unfortunate, the roof should be fixed. 

When to Replace a Roof

There is a difference between roof repairing and roof replacement. Here is how you know whether your home or commercial building’s roof needs to be repaired or replaced:

  1. Consulting us: Our team of professionals and roof experts will help you analyze the problem that your roof has. Perhaps it just needs to be repaired rather than replaced. Trust in us to provide you with accurate information and analysis about your roof.
  1. Certain signs: There are certain signs that your roof will display to signal that it is time for a change. They include:

Water leaks

One sign that a residential or commercial building needs services for roof replacement is if there is apparent water damage on the roof. One way to know that a ceiling is water damaged is the formation of brown stains on the ceiling. The brown stains are an indication that there is water leaking from the roof and onto the upper part of your ceiling. This means that the roof is not effectively protecting the residential or commercial building from rainwater. The good thing is that a small leak on the roof can be fixed by a repair job. However, if the roof is letting in too much water in several areas, then the best solution is to replace the roof.

Aged roof

Different roofs are built with different materials, which give them different lifespans. Shingle roofs made of asphalt can last up to 20 years while tile roofs can last for about 50 years. If a building has had asphalt roof for about 30 years, chances are high that the roof is worn out, leaky, and has several missing shingles. Although many people complain that replacing an entire roof is too expensive, we believe that we may have a solution for that. Most roofs come with a warranty. Once you realize that the time on the warranty is running out and the residential or commercial roof seems faulty, hire a professional roofing company like ours to replace or fix it. 

Damaged or missing shingles

Another reason you may need a roof replacement is if there are missing shingles on the roof. Damaged shingles are also a cause for alarm. Constant changes in weather are the primary cause of damaged shingles and slates on the roof. Storms and heavy rains could also wash away parts of the roof. Where necessary, we will replace missing shingles and fix the damaged ones.

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